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U.S. Based

EssayCrate is U.S. based. The writing staff consists of native speakers, with strong credentials in the subject of your order.


EssayCrate is SSL protected. Your information is private, and your payment is secured through our PayPal gateway.

Original papers

All orders are original and plagiarism free. Papers are scanned through our anti-plagiarism software as a safety measure.


EssayCrate combines quality work with affordable rates. Get the paper you deserve, without putting a hole in your pockets.

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So how does it work?
Ordering a paper has never been faster or easier. Take a look!
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    Fill out our simple order form and submit your payment through our secure PayPal check out! Remember to provide as much information about your paper.

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    Once we receive your order/payment, we assign the order to one of our expert writers. We look to find a suitable writer in under an hour.

  • 3. Writer gets to work

    Once our writer receives your order/paper details, they get to work ASAP! The writer will contact you and introduce themselves. You can also use this opportunity to talk with your writer, give extra materials, or ask questions.

  • 4. Get your paper

    After your writer finishes your order, expect to have it sent to you instantly. Go over the essay and talk to your writer about any questions, concerns, or revisions.


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